KPT v6.0.1

… And so, it was released. My most concentrated and focused delivery of topnotch quality. It was one crunch after the other, just to polish every tiny detail in the app. Even though the features in the app aren’t that many, it took me a good one and a half month (roughly) to put this together..

I developed this update from scratch, using swift. (The internal working uses a shared static library, though, as I mentioned a million times before), and that alone was an experience to remember.

Even though I hired a graphics designer, he ended up being a real douchebag, refusing to complete the work he started… I ended up spending way to much time designing the widget, and fixing many issues with his design. Oh well, that ended well, so I have no reason to complain.

TBH, KPT v6.0.1 was a failure, because it crashes instantly on iOS 7.. I have no idea when that happened, but it seems at some point I linked against the Photos.framework, which is only available on iOS 8. Thanks to apple’s expedited process, v6.0.2 was released within 12 hours after submission. That saved the day! Now, within 24 hours, I submitted v6.0.5 with a crash fix and a highly requested widget feature.

And, I leave you with some graphics! And a link!

AppStore Link


P.S: I finally fulfilled my promise from April, 2014! You know, in the conclusion, about pushing an overhaul and that stuff..