KPT v5.1.0

KPT v5.1.0

It is official. The new update is released and is in the wild, and I think users should appreciate this update the most. The thing about this update is that it finally has what we call a “full adhan”, which has been requested by users for a while.

Initially, I thought that Apple might remove the stupid 30 second restriction, but it became quite apparent that the restriction isn’t going anywhere. So, we had to improvise instead.

Other improvements include 12/24 time format setting, which I had disabled because Apple recommends we just take the setting of the device. There was a user who was complaining about not knowing how to change it, so I just provided the ability to change it anyway.

To my misfortune (hey, I just realized the play on words Riot did with Ms. Fortune /facepalm), I had not properly configured the crash reporter SDK, so I wasn’t getting any crash reports. The thing is, even if your app is like the simplest app ever, with very little code, it will still crash. For example, in my case, I am getting a crash in a low level C++ implementation of SocketStream thing, which I totally don’t have any control over.

The feature I liked the most was the tweet highlights. Now, new tweets appearing in the app will be highlighted in order to show the users what they missed. I also hook that up with the tab bar, in order to highlight the tab at the bottom.


This is nothing compared to what is yet to come to KPT! IT WILL BE REVOLUSTIONIZED!!!! OK, that is probably too much.