Google Ads

I don’t know who is behind google adsense, but he better realize how bad this algorithm they’re running on is… I search about a service called HelpShift obviously because I already heard about it, and check their website, and leave. Next thing I know, all the ads are showing me help shift!!

I mean, is it really that hard to realize the point of advertising? It’s exposure to new prospects, not some existing person who already took note of this service! Like seriously, here is what happened:

Le me searching for a good analytics, backend, push notification, … etc service:


I find a few good services, but non of them really fit my need!


… Hence, decides uncle google to just keep showing me these service that Do Not Fit My Need!


As I was feeling frustrated, a glimmer of hope shone in my brainz:


I remembered parse and StackMob, and ultimately went with parse… Without Google getting a dime for my conversion!!


It seems I started to use this blog as a way to dispel my “ARGGGHHH!!”-ness, so don’t nobody take it seriously or personal. I think as long as I am typing things and words, my communication skills should be getting better, to say the least… And I have a history to laugh at later!