Hello... Again.

Just Type

I literally just want to breathe some life into the blog again .. I am not sure what I want to write about, but I do want to address the fact that I haven’t written anything for so long, and I really miss this part of my life.

Well, although this is supposedly a dev diary, every now and then I talk about life.. The life of a dev is weird, and is intertwined with his profession…

Unless you are an extremely … unique type of person, it is extremely hard to just sit in front of a computer and just crank out code. Why? I really don’t know, and would really like to find out… Why can’t I just sit in front of the computer for a month, and just type … type away at all these projects I would like to finish …

I’m pretty sure I’ve touched upon this in the past, mentioning it might be the fear of failure. But … what failure? Every programming project, shipped or not, is an addition to your arsenal of knowledge. Programming knowledge doesn’t die with a failed project .. In contrast, it actually becomes just a firm part of your thought process, as that pain of failure warns you about the mishaps that had occurred.

Too philosophical, I know … I’ve fallen a victim to YouTube during burnout, just as one other fellow developer has expressed. I totally related to his situation, and that is such a relief to be honest. We continuously forget that we don’t face problems alone. It is always true that the problem of any individual, especially in this time and era, is the problem of society.

Lol, that was … weird. Anyway, what I wanted to point out is, if you face a problem, take a step back … Diagnose the problem, and if it is considered by your standards a significant problem, think of all the other people in your shoes facing the exact same problem … Then perhaps set out to solve that.

Beyond Typing

OK .. so the hard part of getting start, and back to blogging is over. I’ve typed a whole bunch of stuff above, and it seems like I am back in business!! Well, might as well kick this off properly with an actually useful blog post.

Tune in for the next post, literally gonna start it as soon as I publish this one.