Hmm.. here I am again just typing stuff instead of working on my game .. This is the penalty of inexperience and lack of another brain to bounce ideas off of..

Well, the issue I am facing now is dealing with backend errors on the client side. The backend gracefully handle extreme cases, such as insufficient coins and state unavailability by returning errors to the client …

Now, they are extreme cases because normally, the client app will check if the player does indeed have enough coins or not and warn them without really bothering the backend. It is only if the client data somehow gets out of sync, or if a player thinks themself smart enough to hack the game is when we reach this case.

With that being said, I realize that I don’t really need dokubetsu handling for these cases, especially not for version 1.0 .. I should just roll with simple dialogs and what now, and move on.

The only issue is that I should always handle joining errors, no matter what the reason is, because otherwise I would have a reference to a dead channel and the game state would think it is active. That won’t do at all.

So, first I should rename OnError function to OnJoinError, since that’s more representative of what’s going on. Then, I can handle those errors by resetting the channel somehow… Then, we can have specific error delegate methods per channel, per reply use case. You see, these errors that I am handling here aren’t random. The are specifically created and sent by the backend. So, I’ll just create delegate methods for each, and handle them as appropriate.

Whenever things click so well, my mind just wanders off in the distance on how I can leverage this perfection in different applications… I then need to pull myself back to reality and focus on finishing this crap.

Well, let’s do this and hope it works out!