Onto the reboot! Reboot what you ask?! Reboot the very fundamental reason I blog for! Looking back at how long it has been since I blogged, I realized that my actual productivity has an inverse relationship with the amount of articles I dish out .. So, this leads to two choices:

  • Kill the blog (NO WAY!)
  • Approach blogging differently

It’s not You; It’s Me

As I continued to write blog posts, I slowly felt inclined to write the highest quality posts I can muster, with details, graphics, references, … etc. None of that matters!

Looking back at the oldest posts, they were just purely spontaneous brain dumps that helped me track my progress, as well as have some sort of reference in the future regarding my work … So, that’s what it’s gonna be!

So, onto a reboot to clear these undesirable mutations, and restore the state to it’s initial pristine condition! … Yes, I am so excited about blogging again, my brain is just conjuring all sorts of phrases and words I had no idea I ever knew …


Check out the next post, coming out in a few…