While thinking for a topic to write about, I realized that just the fact of choosing a topic is a whole post in itself! Recently, I’ve been discovering cool new technologies, and I just can’t wait to write about them .. I’ll post them here for remembering that later.

Ideas Are Dime a Dozen

Sentry + iOS

I’ve been integrating Sentry with an iOS app these days, and it’s a really rewarding experience. I’ve assumed charge of the whole stack, from deploying Sentry on AWS, all the way to writing the exact logs in the iOS app itself. Will hopefully post about that as soon as its done!

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Another thing is developing an Apple TV app from an existing iOS app source. AppleTV SDK is pretty good, but there are some really nice (and really weird) differences. I’ll hopefully highlight that experience once it is done, as well.

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zsh is just just simply the best thing that happened to my terminal experience hands down. In terms of overall benefit to my workflow, it easily out-shines Homebrew, cask, and any other tool I’ve ever used .. COMBINED. I just have to write about how awesome zsh is .. In fact, I’ll start drafting this post right now, and just fill it up as I keep using zsh everyday.

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On Being a Freelancer

I’ve worked on two freelance projects in the past few months, and I believe there are some really good lessons I’ve learned that could be worth sharing. It’s unfortunate that freelancing isn’t what we imagine it to be…

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WatchOS Apps

Of course! I’ve recently shipped an app with AppleWatch support, including glances, complications, and time travel! Definitely interesting topics to be discussed on that front.


As I build more bits and pieces of Kitz, I keep learning more and more important lessons I’d really like to discuss in depth on this blog. I’ve already posted about one, but there is way more stuff to be posted.

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Software development is just a single field in a whole ocean of knowledge, and yet it is an ocean itself in its enormity… May be overwhelming at times, but if you imagine it as some sort of RPG, it’s always exciting to go about discovering new dungeons! Always more fun with a party, as well!