A Developer's Life

There is this huge wall that every developer faces when starting a new project, or even returning to an old project. The wall is basically starting the damn thing (again).

It’s surprisingly difficult to start new stuff, especially if you are the type that ships things. Don’t count those favors your friends/colleagues talked you into doing them, those don’t count.

There is always this quarrel within that is basically an intense fight not to do something new, because … I have no idea. Really, why in the bleep of bleep do we feel that way?

This rant is step closer for me to get back into the game. Every other attempt before ended in opening League of Legends or Lost Cities on the iPhone. Basically, anything but burdening myself with the new task, but that needs to change.

It’s not about motivation, purpose, uncertainty, because I think I got all those covered. I really have no idea what it is, but it’s time to crack it.

These types of rants are really boring and no one likes to read/hear them, so I posted it here just to get it off my chest, and probably waste the time of 3 or 4 readers… Sorry!


I think I ought to put it out there, literally. Modify my blog to contain the current projects I am working on, some progress stuff, just to kick things up a notch. As they say, public pressure is not to be under-estimated!