Technological Lust

I grew up reading that lust is one of the deadly sins, but according to wikipedia, it can take many forms, including lust for knowledge, which is good, right?

I just got inspired to spill what is in my head and write about the tons of things I want to learn and try doing, so here it goes:

Haskell Game

You are not a programmer if you haven’t tried doing any functional programming. Actually, you can be, I was just exaggerating.

The premise is that functional programming is a new way to tackle programming problems and bends your thinking from looking at thing imperatively to another holistic view (I think).

I haven’t tried functional programming yet, and hence the idea of writing a game in Haskell.

Web Development / Ruby

I really wish I set some time aside and refactor my whole blog such that I know exactly how each and every thing works. After that, begins the fun of importing different frameworks and writing Ruby scripts for Octopress to streamline the process even more and make it awesome.

Cocos2d-X / Qt

I am already contributing to Cocos2d-X, but they seem to be interested in implementing a Mac client for the Cocos Studio, and it would be awesome if I can work on that. What would be even more awesome if I were to make it in Qt and make it multiplatform, while learning the Qt framework (since I am sick of the stupid Cocoa framework).

Pixel Art

I have started learning pixel art for a while, and abruptly stopped :( I need to get back to that..


Doesn’t look like much, actually!! Need to get serious about stuff.