Gmail Filters


It seems inevitable that once you start using GitHub seriously, you run into this issue where you just get overwhelmed by the number of emails sent in a single hour. It also gets distracting and annoying when you just don’t have the time to go over them, and need to see everything else.

That’s where Gmail filters come into place.

It is probably an ancient concept that is widely used in the developed countries, but for a developing county, emails where never our thing. “MSN” was. That caused us to be less interested in investing time organizing our inbox, and more interested in changing our profile pictures and status messages on IM clients.

(Note to you youngsters, MSN was what we called all IM services, which was only MSN initially, then GTalk, … etc. “Let’s chat on google’s MSN!” was a common phrase.)

The Filters

Setting them filters is super easy, and convenient. After going to the gmail web app, just search for the pattern of emails you want to filter. It should update the view to show you the result. You can use this to validate your search query. After that, click the small gray arrow next to the search button, and choose “create filter from search”. Le Done.


Stop allowing your valuable time to be slowly consumed by all those emails that you don’t need to see immediately. That especially applies when you are at work, or in the mood to do great things. This will come in handy.