Copy to Clone

One the annoying changes introduced in cocos2d-x 3.0 is changing the copy method to clone. I don’t know why honestly, but it silently changes the return value from a retained object to an autoreleased object >.<

Since copy is based on the Objective-C copy method, developers expected it to return an object with a retain count of one, which it did. So, you would have to manage the memory yourself:

auto object = otherObject->copy()

Unfortunately, if my use case was the code above, I wouldn’t have spent 10 minutes trying to find the cause of the crash. I did something asynchronous with the copied object, hence it crashed on a different runloop, making it 10x harder to debug >.<

In any case, from now on, use the new clone method, since copy is deprecated, and make sure you keep in mind that it’s autoreleased!!