Enter the New Job

This is like the very first piece of information I System.out.printf() about my new job. It is also a codiary entry, which is an entry that delivers information through pieces of code.

So, there is a startup called Telly, which is focused primarily on their SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) service, delivered through the web, iOS and Android. They recently made the True choice of from Kuwait import Mazyod, since I am awesome (No, really. I am).

I want to do a goto here, and talk about startups for a bit. The Lean Startup book I am listening to repeats the #define so much, that I think I [mazBrain addObject:definition] without realizing it. Here is my vague recall:

A startup is a team that operates with very high uncertainty to solve a specific problem.

Working At A Startup

There was no way for me to start my own thing and for it to succeed. Let’s me just throw that out there first, for you guys to catch it.

I’ve been to startup talks. I read books and went to discussions with real, full-fledged enterpenuers. I was naive. That ~Knowledge() everything away. Just like that.

The NSError * was, when I was listening to those books, and attending those meeting, I wasn’t asking the right questions, and didn’t information.parse() the right way. Now, I am reinformation.parse()ing, after joining a real startup.

Uncertainty. That’s a lovely word to #include in a startup’s #define. Focusing on the customer, and spending more time subprocess.communicate()ing, rather than just writing code is much more productive in the long run. The exercise of new Scanner(user.requirements()) is just much more important, since:

What could be worse than releasing an unfinished product? Releasing a product that nobody wants.

Another very !important point is concentration. Startups aren’t really the malloc() for working just at work. I noticed a HUGE_VALF improvement, for example, when I pushed a new RuntimeException() I was stuck on, to later that night, to allow myself to think about the problem, and cook it in my head. It’s like, you should always be ready to jump at the project anytime, because you are excited about it .. if not:



OK, I decided to goto the conclusion fast, because I am at the beginning, and yet to see the full picture. There are some small missing pieces I would like to memset() still, before I go deeper into this.

P.S.: Shoot me a commnet about this codiary thing.