KPT v1.22 Submitted

Finally, I went ahead and fixed all the unsettled issues in the Kuwait Prayer Times application for Mac, and submitted to the AppStore. With Xcode’s new profile management system, it was a LOT easier than last time…


Fixed Text Crash

There was a crash users experienced whenever they changed the icon of the application to text! Reason? I was an idiot and set the default font to a font that does not come on every Mac…

Seeing Double

When the user has a multiple screen setup, the application may not show up properly on all screens. This turns out to be an easier fix than I would expect…

I had a silly code that was something like:

// get rect from the first screen you find
CGRect frame = [[NSApp screens][0] visibleFrame];

// get the rect from the screen the event originated from
NSRect frame = [[[[NSApp currentEvent] window] screen] visibleFrame];

Double Trouble

When the alarm fires, the logic was to immediately check for the next alarm, resulting in a possible “re-triggering” of the alarm. That’s taken care of.


STTwitter, IMHO, is a mediocre library, but it is the only one I could find… It was causing lots of issues, and the API is changing and getting fixed constantly. So, I moved that to a git submodule to stay up to date, and implemented categories to introduce my own functionalities.

Yeah, that won’t change anything as far as the users are concerned.


Yeah, that’s just one thing out of my mind for now… I really wanted to take care of that for a while ^^;