Revving up!!

It has surely been a while, almost a year as Jim puts it… THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Ok, I should just tell that to myself instead of just throwing it out there… Anyways, as I am writing this, I am feeding my subconsciousness with, “I have to wake up early everyday, exercise, write part of a post, then head to work”. This is to hoping that I will actually end up feeling like this is as important as food, and do it no matter what.

Exciting times, people! Some really cool posts I’ve kept in the back log for a while, and now I can finally start pushing out there. I also think video tutorials from time to time will¬† be very helpful in general. But more importantly, I realized that I shouldn’t be aiming to write tutorials and walkthroughs, instead, I can focus on writing topics about some cool technologies I came across recently. This will make it more of a news/tech blog rather than a resource for pure coding knowledge and the such.

Let’s go over some of the exciting new post that will hopefully be written soon:

Creating a Map Editor for a Game!

  • When I was given the map editor specs to work on, I was also told that the most important feature is to make it data-driven as much as possible!

  • This will mostly cover cocoa bindings, some python scripting, and Xcode project management.

Optimizing the Dama AI by Using Preallocated Memory!

  • I was told that using preallocated memory instead of allocating and freeing the memory every time, can be up to 100 times faster! (On windows).

  • This will probably be a multi-post topic, but it will hopefully be really interesting.

Exploring Spine, by esoteric software!

  • Spine is a super awesome bone animation tool that I used to implement some features in the upcoming Dama update. We’ll take a look at the stuff that are there!

Writing Cool, Reusable CoreAnimation Animations!

  • This should be a small post about a few animations I implemented in CoreAnimation, and was able to reuse them all over the place.

The Joys of Integrating C++ with Objective-C!

  • When you have C++ code in an iOS app, most likely you have to figure out a way for these two languages to play nicely with each other!

  • There are so many ways for C++ to talk to Objective-C, which will make this topic super exciting!


Well, these are the upcoming topics I’ll be focusing on, hopefully! I am sure there will be other topics that will butt in somewhere along the way, but hey! Let’s embrace changes, as the agile methodology does!