Giving a Facade

After I graduated in June, I have been laying low for a while, working on various projects. Recently, I started leaving my chambers more often for various reasons, including applying for a job (Finally!), attending events (BarcampKW), and meeting with clients. So? you may ask. Well, it seems most people I meet end up trying to know me through my blog. So, I have to fix my blog!

I have been thinking for a very long time on how I am suppose to provide this proper facade through my blog. So, I spent around 30 seconds thinking! (Usually, my blog posts are spontaneous, but not this one!).

Who Am I?

No, this is not a movie review, I am gonna give a brief intro about me.

  • Name: Mazyad Alabduljalil
  • Degree: B.S Computer Engineering, Kuwait University.
  • Occupation: self employed
  • Interests: Game Dev., iOS Dev., cocos2d
  • Hobbies: Tennis, Japanese Language

Published Projects

Kuwait Prayer Times link

  • Initial Release: November 2010
  • Progress: Working on v5.0.


Dama: لعبة الدامة link

  • Initial Release: August 2011
  • Progress: Working on v3.0

Android version


Upcoming Projects


  • Expected: January 2013
  • Progress: Testing & QA on iOS

Mac app Dev.