Video Tut!! :D

And, I have finally pushed myself to publish a video tutorial! I am not sure whether it will be useful or not but I’d be happy if just a handful of people learn a thing or two :).

Now, I am going to simply rant and blabber until the video is exported and published to YouTube, then, I will add it, and stop this ranting :D. So, what will the ranting be about? The tutorial, of course!

I was very excited recently when I wrote a kinda modular class that provides Infinite Scrolling illusion to a UIScrollView. So, I really wanted to share what I learned to the masses. It is, however, a long journey, and requires many concepts to be explained in detail, so I can’t really make it a single short tutorial. Thus, I have prepared today the first part, which is waaay easier than the second part. Especially in these busy days, I cannot manage to publish the second part without sacrificing quality, so it will have to wait a week or two till its released. (Not yet Bob? [Bob is my rendering engine. You see, I give different parts of my computer different names. For example, my sound output is called “Wolf”. My family often hear me yelling, “Shut up, Wolf!”, and they would think I went nuts… Aaaanyways.]).

Wow, Bob has quiet down .. I am sure he’s done by now … Half way though, you say? Oh, he passed the job to Thomas (My network card :P). Bummer, Thomas takes his time to upload .. I think I’ll go do something useful, and stop wasting time :P.

And the tutorial you have been waiting for!!

YouTube Tutorial

And the Source Code which you have been REALLY waiting for! :P

The Source Code