Speedy Goodness

I am really sorry, guys. I have “jumped the gun” about the SSD, and based on that I made an inaccurate judgment…

The SSD isn’t awesome. It is “pure awesomeness”. I know what you’re saying, “Take it easy romeo”. Well, what I’ll say is:

Do yourself a favor and grab an SSD ASAP if you haven’t done so already

NOTE: I’ll use the word “post-SSD” to indicate that this is “after I installed the new SSD”. (analogous to post-operation :P).

Netbeans! (A woman shrieks in the back followed by a thud) Yeah, when I hear that name I feel that the world has become in slow motion (xD). Post-SSD installation, it has become an unbelievable product. It is so fast and responsive!

What else.. ah, yes. Firefox! I never take it easy on that guy. +10 tabs open, and with the new group tabs thingie, that’s 4 groups x 10 tabs at least. I would usually stare at Firefox for a whole minute deciding whether it was worth quitting Firefox or not to free up that unbelievable +500 MB. The grief that accompanies launching Firefox and watching it bounce 10 times on the dashboard before it actually opens is unbearable. Post-SSD? I just saw it jump once. My mouth crashed on the keyboard. What?!

The last experience I am gonna share is related to the RAM. I use an application from the Mac AppStore called “FreeMemory”. It conveniently shows the amount of free RAM on the status bar at the top. (Warning: people who don’t have sufficient knowledge about operating systems might feel lost). The fact that when the RAM gets full, the OS does some swapping between the pages and as a result, the whole system slows down considerably. This is now history, post-SSD. Let the RAM get filled all he wants. You’ll notice that the number displayed magically increases as needed!