'"$370 for a hard disk?"'

Well, one of my treasured friends asked me about the new SSD drive that I bought: “$ 370 for a hard disk?”. This question urged me to write a new post :P

First, we have to be clear that what I bought is not a Hard Disk Drive (otherwise known as HDD). HDDs are named for the rotating “Hard” disk that holds the data. Since it rotates and also has a needle thing that moves on “tracks” on the disk, these mechanical movements slow down the read/write process tremendously. Thus …

(I have been waiting to write this sentence)

The HDD has long been the bottleneck of computers for many years. Compared to the other fast components that operate in the nano-to-millisecond realm, this crappy tech has operation time that is measured in seconds (x1000 times slower)!!

(End of sentence I’ve been dying to write)

So, Solid State Drives have finally made their appearance commercially a few years back with ridiculously high prices for insufficient memory capacities. Thanks to research and improvements, I can now buy a 256GB for $380, which is VERY worth it compared to the performance boost that you attain by removing the crappy, good-for-nothing, bottlenecker HDD :P

That’s it :P