The Clustering Phenomena

Clustering … It refers to many things. What pops into my mind is something we studied in data structures. I’ll give you a chance to guess this one, too.

Yes! It is the magical hash table. When you design a bad hash function (like return 0;) you will cause your hash function to operate in O(n) complexity instead of the desired O(1). This is one form of clustering. So, after this useless introduction that has nothing to so with iOS development, as usual, how is it possibly related?

It is not related to iOS development, not one bit ;). It has to do with the fact that I am posting 10 new posts on a single day, then stop blogging for 3 months :D. Let’s hope it’s worth it…

Well, onto the post…

I actually forgot what I was go- ..oh right. I wanted to mark the end of today’s progress. So, here it is:


The main points:

  • I decided to make the chat view take the whole space. It feels more iPhone-ish and I THINK it makes the chat more “comforting” and would make the users use it “happily”.

  • I tried to find a convenient and conventional way to go back to the game … I failed. So, I just altered the code from Git and stuck the back button. It should be clear enough for the user to figure how to go back easily.

  • I just decided to not stop here for the day, and push on a little further :P