First Post

Hmm.. I really don’t get it … How does this work?

err- well, Hello there! As unfortunate as it may sound, but I really don’t care about you (the reader :P). This whole site is mainly devoted to perminant-ify my programming experiences .. So, why do it online?!

Good question, yet it has a simple answer. It’s much cleaner, simpler and easier for me to write entries on a blog, especially due to a lot of code pasties that I intend to post. Thus, any useful info you find is totally coincidental, and thus, no need to thanks me for it hmph. (Although, I WILL be grateful if you informed me that something helped you somehow because I feel that all what I write is complete nonsense :P)

Either ways, time to end this introductory topic.. Not because I am done blabbering, but I can’t wait to write my first entry xD.

// Testing sourcecode tag thing
- (void)thisIsAwesome {
    NSLog(@"Special thanks to JiMMaR ..");